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Makeup Schools Near You

Makeup artists are in high demand, and there are many reasons why makeup artistry is a great career choice. First, makeup artists have a unique opportunity to use their creativity to make people feel beautiful. Second, makeup artists can work in a variety of settings, including salons, spas, and theatres. Third, makeup artists can specialize in a particular type of makeup application, such as wedding makeup or special effects makeup. Finally, makeup artists can earn a good income and enjoy a flexible schedule. If you’re interested in becoming a makeup artist, consider attending a makeup artistry school. There, you’ll learn the skills you need to succeed in this exciting field.

Requirements for Becoming a Makeup Artist

There are a few eligibility requirements that prospective students must meet in order to be admitted into a makeup artistry program. Firstly, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Secondly, they must complete a portfolio review, which will assess their creative abilities and potential. Lastly, they must pass a written exam, which tests their knowledge of the industry and of basic makeup techniques. Once they have met all of these requirements, they will be able to begin their studies in makeup artistry.

Find a Makeup Artist School Near You

How to Become a Makeup Artist

To become a makeup artist, one of the most important first steps is to gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of makeup application. Whether you are interested in working as a professional makeup artist or simply want to become more confident with your day-to-day beauty routine, it is important to develop an understanding of the key principles and techniques involved in creating flawless looks.

In addition to mastering the basics, you will also need to develop an extensive portfolio of work that showcases your skills and artistic ability. This can include everything from magazine photo shoots and runway shows to personal beauty transformations that you complete on yourself or your friends. Gaining experience through internships, volunteering, or freelance work will also be key if you want to become successful in this field.

What Should You Expect in a Career as a Makeup Artist?

Makeup artists may work in a variety of settings, including salons, spas, department stores, or even freelance. Many makeup artists start their careers working as assistants to more experienced artists. In this role, they learn about the different techniques and products available.

As they gain experience, makeup artists may eventually move into more senior positions, such as lead makeup artist or head makeup artist. Some makeup artists may also choose to open their own businesses.

Makeup artists typically need to complete a cosmetology program and obtain a license from their state. Some states also require makeup artists to complete continuing education courses in order to keep their license current. Those who wish to specialize in makeup artistry may consider pursuing a degree from a makeup school.

How Much Do Makeup Artists Make?

Makeup artist salary data can be hard to break out from other beauty related jobs, so the best data probably comes from the May 2021 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which states an average hourly wage of $14.26 which comes out to an annual salary of $29,660.80.

Can I Take Makeup Artistry Courses Online?

Many educational providers are offering online courses these days but you won’t find an entirely online program for makeup artistry. Due to the hands-on nature of learning the craft, you’ll need to have in-person training to become a licensed makeup artist anywhere in the country.


Makeup artists can specialize in a variety of different fields, from weddings to film and television. One of the most popular makeup artistry specializations is bridal makeup. Bridal makeup artists help to create the perfect look for a bride on her big day. They take into account the dress, the theme of the wedding, and the bride’s personal preferences to create a unique look that will last all day.

Makeup artists can also specialize in film and television makeup. They work with actors and actresses to create looks that are appropriate for the character they are playing. In addition, they may also be responsible for creating special effects makeup, such as wounds or bruises.

Makeup artists can also work in the fashion industry, creating looks for models to wear on the runway or in photo shoots. They may also work with designers to create a vision for a fashion show or editorial spread.

Common Courses

When earning their makeup artist license, aspiring makeup artists typically take a wide range of courses. These classes typically cover topics including makeup application techniques, color theory, and skin care basics. Additionally, many makeup artistry classes focus on specific areas of makeup application such as eye makeup, special effects makeup, or bridal makeup.

Another key component of makeup artist training is learning about the business side of makeup artistry. Courses in entrepreneurship and marketing can help students to develop the essential skills needed to succeed in this competitive industry. Additionally, these courses can help aspiring makeup artists build a strong professional network and find potential clients.

How Much Do Makeup Artistry Classes Cost?

While costs vary from school to school, the average cost ranges from $7,000 to $17,000 according to Vocational Training HQ. This is due in large part to the fact that most makeup artistry schools are highly specialized, requiring intensive training and expert instruction from experienced professionals. In addition, many of these schools offer small class sizes and access to cutting-edge equipment and software, both of which can add to the overall cost.

Financial Aid Options

Aspiring makeup artists have a variety of options when it comes to seeking financial aid for their education. Some makeup artist schools offer scholarships specifically designed for students in the makeup arts, while others offer general scholarships that can be applied to any field of study. Additionally, makeup artists may be eligible for grants or loans from state and federal governments, as well as from private organizations.

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