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Makeup Schools in Indiana

Makeup schools are a great place to start your beauty career. They offer comprehensive training in all aspects of makeup artistry, from color theory and skincare to special effects and airbrushing. In addition, most makeup schools have professional-grade studios where students can practice their skills on real clients.

If you’re looking for a creative and challenging beauty career, then consider applying to one of Indiana’s many makeup schools. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect school for your needs and interests.

Makeup Schools in Indiana

State Requirements for Makeup Artist Licensing in Indiana

To work as a makeup artist in Indiana you’ll need to meet a few requirements set forth by the state.

  • Eighteen years or older.
  • Completion of 10th grade.

However, there are no specific licensing requirements for makeup artists. Many salons and other locations will be more likely to hire a makeup artist that is a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, though, so many makeup artists earn these certifications. If you decide to acquire a license, there are two ways:

  • Cosmetology license with at least 1,500 hours of education from a certified institute, passing the state exam and paying licensing fees.
  • Esthetician license with at least 700 hours of education from a certified institute, passing the state exam and paying licensing fees.

How Much Do Indiana Makeup Schools Cost?

Both of the aforementioned licenses come at a cost. Esthetician schools are less involved, and as such, less expensive. will allow anyone that passes to legally work in Indiana. However, one will be more involved than the other which determines the cost. After totaling up tuition, books, supplies, and additional fees, an esthetician program in Indiana costs approximately $14,000 while a cosmetology program will be closer to $19,000 on average.

Required Skills and Classes

This will vary depending on the program of choice.

Cosmetology students must undergo 1,500 hours of training in the following areas:

  • Hair cutting and dyeing
  • Hair perming and relaxing
  • Hair removal
  • Makeup application
  • Manicuring
  • Basic scalp massage
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Chemistry of cosmetology products
  • Health and safety

Esthetics students will acquire 700 hours of training to learn things such as:

  • Skin care analysis/consultations
  • Facial cleansing
  • Massage
  • Acne treatments
  • Facials
  • Hand and foot treatments
  • Makeup application
  • Eyelash applications
  • Waxing
  • Sterilization and sanitation
  • Advanced esthetic techniques
  • Salesmanship

State Licensing Exams

Both cosmetology and esthetician license requirements will have some variations but will also have some overlap when it comes to the exams.

  • Cosmetology – the written exam is comprised of 100 questions which you’re allowed to take 120 minutes to complete. A $48 non-refundable fee will be required when scheduling. The topics can be broken down into the following:
    • Rules, Regulations, and Safety: 30%
    • Trichology: 4%
    • Shampoo/Scalp Analysis: 4%
    • Styling: 5%
    • Haircutting: 8%
    • Hair Color, Bleaching/Lightening, and Tinting: 23%
    • Permanent Waving: 8%
    • Chemical Straightening and Relaxing: 8%
    • Esthetics: 5%
    • Nails: 5%
  • Esthetics – the exam will take 90 minutes to complete with a total of 95 questions and a minimum passing score of 75%. The outline will be:
    • Rules, Regulations & Safety (35%)
    • Esthetic Science and Skin Analysis (15%)
    • Facials (20%)
    • Hair Removal (15%)
    • Makeup (10%)
    • Electricity and Electrotherapy (5%)

How Much Do Makeup Artists Get Paid in Indiana?

As of September 26, 2022, the average makeup artist in Indiana will earn $21,785 per year according to

Does Indiana Have Continuing Education Requirements for Makeup Artists?

Indiana does not have ongoing continuing education requirements for estheticians or cosmetologists who work as makeup artists. Those with licenses will need to renew it with the state licensing agency every four years and pay the renewal fee.

Contact information for state licensing boards:

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
402 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Email: [email protected]
Call: 317-234-3031
Fax: 317-233-4236