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Makeup Schools in Oregon

There are many great makeup schools located in Oregon. The reason it’s a good idea to find and apply to one of these schools is because you can learn about the latest makeup techniques, products, and styles. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to receive hands-on training with experienced professionals who can help you develop your skills.

State Requirements for Makeup Artist Licensing in Oregon

Has earned an esthetician license with the following criteria:

  • Has completed 250 hours of esthetician courses
  • Has completed 150 hours of education in safety and infection control
  • Has completed 100 hours of career development education
  • Has passed both written and practical examinations for estheticians
  • Has passed the Oregon laws and rules exam

How Much Do Oregon Makeup Schools Cost?

According to the website, the average price for an esthetician program in Oregon is approximately $9,000 when all costs are added in. We recommend you look into financial aid options like scholarships and grants to help you cover these costs. Many schools have their own financial aid departments that can help you in this regard.

Required Skills and Classes

Aside from makeup-related topics, an esthetics curriculum in Oregon will include the following subjects:

  • Skin analysis and client consultation
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Product chemistry
  • Cleansing the skin
  • Massaging the skin
  • Facial steaming
  • Chemical and physical exfoliation
  • Extraction
  • Massage
  • Skin masks
  • Waxing and tweezing
  • Face shape and feature analysis
  • Color theory
  • Electrical equipment for skin services

State Licensing Exams

The licensure exam in Oregon is composed of 3 tests; practical, written, and law. To take the said test, applicants must provide the following:

  • Submit a completed examination application
  • Has paid the Oregon laws and rules exam fee worth $35
  • Has paid the esthetics exam fee worth $35

Laws and Rules Exam – this test will 90 questions long and must be finished in no more than 90 minutes. The actual exam will be composed of administrative rules and laws related to the practice of makeup artistry such as:

  • Definitions (21 questions)
  • Facility Standards (35 questions)
  • Practice Standards (6 questions)
  • Facility Operations (6 questions)
  • Examinations (5 questions)
  • Licensing/Certification (9 questions)
  • Chemicals (8 questions)

Written Exam – this test will be 100 multiple choice questions long and is intended to be finished within 90 minutes and covers the following:

  • Chemicals (13 questions)
  • Diseases/Disorders (10 questions)
  • Equipment/Implements (13 questions)
  • General (33 questions)
  • Definition (13 questions)
  • Standards of Practice (18 questions)

Please be aware that applicants filling for a license via reciprocity will not be exempted from taking the written test.

To qualify for the license, test takers must acquire a minimum score of 75% on all tests and must a $25 certification fee or $45 for reciprocity applicants.

How Much Do Makeup Artists Get Paid in Oregon?

The demand and pay for makeup artists, as in most other occupations, varies from location to location and will typically be higher in urban areas than in rural or suburban areas. Makeup artists that decide to work in Oregon will earn an average salary of $22,274 annually.

Does Oregon Have Continuing Education Requirements for Makeup Artists?

As makeup artists in Oregon must have esthetician licenses, they also must complete at least five hours of continuing education each year before they renew their license to keep it valid.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

Health Licensing Office
Address: 1430 Tandem Ave. NE, Suite 180, Salem, OR 97301
Email: [email protected]
Call: 503-378-8667