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Makeup Schools in Alabama

Alabama is a great state for makeup artists to start their careers. The state has a rich history of art and culture, which has created a demand for creative professionals like makeup artists. In addition, Alabama offers a variety of opportunities for makeup artists to work in different settings, from high-end salons to film and television production studios. The state also provides access to a large pool of potential clients, as well as a competitive market that can help to sharpen your skills. And, if you’re looking for a place to build your business, Alabama is home to some of the most vibrant and welcoming communities in the country. Check out our listings below to find a makeup school near you in Alabama and start down a new career path today!

Makeup Schools in Alabama

State Requirements for Makeup Artist Licensing in Alabama

  • At least sixteen (16) years of age
  • Has completed 10th grade
  • Must have attended an esthetician program with at least six hundred (600) hours of training, fifty (50) hours of which are specifically allocated towards makeup and another forty (40) hours for eyebrows and lashes.

How Much Do Alabama Makeup Schools Cost?

Since Alabama requires its makeup artists to also be estheticians, the cost of education will also be the same unless specified otherwise. On average, you can expect to pay around $12,000 to $17,000 once all costs are included. Below are some sample costs for a program located in Tuscaloosa:

  • Tuition: $11,122
  • Non-refundable Deposit: $250
  • Kit: $2,200
  • Total: $13,572

Required Skills and Classes

The study of makeup artistry will be part of an esthetician program that covers the following areas:

  • Professional Practices: Prevention of disease transmission, facility hygiene, principles of infection, etc.
  • Professional Ethics
  • Business Practices: State Board rules and regulations, confidentiality, etc.
  • Sciences: Histology of the skin, anatomy and physiology, advanced skin analysis/diseases, conditions and disorders of the skin

Makeup-specific courses will be dedicated to the following subjects such as:

  • Client consultation and skin analysis
  • Contouring
  • Application
  • Color accent
  • Camouflage makeup
  • Lash application and extensions

State Licensing Exam

Makeup artists within Alabama must take and pass both the written and practical licensure exams for estheticians which costs $125.

How Much Do Makeup Artists Get Paid in Alabama?

The average makeup artist in Alabama will earn $20,831 per year according to At the top of the pay scale, the top 10% of earners will make $27,000 or more while the bottom end will be closer to $16,000.

Does Alabama Have Continuing Education Requirements for Makeup Artists?

No continuing education credits are required for makeup artists or estheticians in Alabama during license renewals. You must renew your license every odd-numbered year during your birth month and pay the $100 license renewal fee.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering
100 North Union Street, Montgomery, AL 36130
Website: Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering
Email: [email protected]
Call: 334-242-1918
Fax: 334-242-1926