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Makeup Schools in Rhode Island

Makeup schools in Rhode Island are a great place to learn about the art of makeup. Not only will you learn about the different products and tools that are used in the industry, but you will also gain hands-on experience that can’t be found online. In addition, many makeup schools offer job placement services, which can help you find a job in the field after graduation. If you’re looking for a well-rounded education in makeup, then look no further than Rhode Island’s many excellent makeup schools.

State Requirements for Makeup Artist Licensing in Rhode Island

  • Must be in possession of an esthetician license


  • Must be in possession of a hairdresser/cosmetologist license

How Much Do Rhode Island Makeup Schools Cost?

According to the 2023 data from the website, you can see the average costs for both esthetician and cosmetology licenses in Rhode Island below.

  • Esthetician: $10,898
  • Cosmetology: $19,353

Required Skills and Classes

Regardless of the program, a would-be makeup artist pursues, there are some commonalities such as:

  • Methods and techniques of makeup application
  • Eye shadow techniques of application
  • Blush and rouge application
  • Foundation makeup
  • Corrective makeup

Esthetician – courses unique to this 600-hour program include the following:

  • Skin beautification and cleaning
  • Skin stimulation and manipulation
  • Treatment of skin problems such as clogged pores, oiliness, temporary capillary dilation, and dehydration

Hairdresser/Cosmetology – courses unique to this 1,500-hour program include the following:

  • Hair arrangement, dressing, curling, cutting, and coloring
  • Nail manicures
  • Removal of superfluous hair
  • Application of tonics, antiseptics, lotions, oils, clays, or powders
  • Cleansing, massaging, beautifying, or manipulating the neck, face, or arms

State Licensing Exams

Regardless of the chosen program, would-be makeup professionals must pass two licensure exams to acquire the desired license.

  • Estheticians – Rhode Island Department of Health will be responsible for administering the two National-Interstate Council (NIC) exams.
    • Written Exam – this will be multiple-choice and computer-based and will assess the examinee’s knowledge of the following topics:
      • Cleansing, Steaming and Exfoliating the Face
      • Human Anatomy
      • Basic Chemistry
      • Product Application and Removal
      • Skin Histology
      • Disorders of the Skin
      • Skin Analysis
      • Massage and Manipulation
      • Skin Care Products
      • Infection Control
    • Practical Exam – this will test the examinee’s ability to physically perform service-related procedures on a mannequin or model by bringing their own supply kit. These are:
      • Set-Up
      • Client Protection
      • Massaging the Face
      • Facial Makeup
      • Facial Mask
      • Cleaning the Face
      • Steaming the Face
      • hair Removal
      • Manual Extraction on the Forehead
  • Cosmetology – the Rhode Island Board of Hairdressing and Barbering requires incoming makeup professionals to pass both the practical and written exams to earn the license to operate.
    • Written Exam – this 90-minute theoretical exam is offered 4 times per year at the Department of Health Auditorium on 3 Capitol Hill in Providence. The topics included are as follows:
      • Hair care and services – 40%
        • Hairstyling and draping procedures
        • Haircutting procedures and trichology
        • Hair coloring procedures
      • Scientific concepts – 30%
        • Infection control
        • Basic principles of chemistry and electricity
        • Principles of human anatomy and physiology
      • Skincare and services – 15%
        • Hair removal procedures
        • Skin histology
        • Facial procedures
      • Nail care and services – 15%
        • Nail structure
        • Manicure and pedicure procedures
      • Practical Exam – this hands-on test is offered at least twice a year. To get a passing grade on this test, examinees must demonstrate competency in skills such as these:
        • Client protection during setup
        • Basic facial
        • Manicure
        • Thermal curling
        • Chemical waving
        • Eyebrow hair removal
        • Sculpturing of nails
        • Hair lightening and relaxing
        • Haircutting
        • Roller placement
        • Hair styling with a blow dryer
        • Pin curl placement and shaping

How Much Do Makeup Artists Get Paid in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island offers an above-average pay rate for makeup artists in the United States with an annual salary of $23,571 according to

Does Rhode Island Have Continuing Education Requirements for Makeup Artists?

No hours of continuing education are required during annual license renewals for makeup artists with either esthetics or cosmetology licenses. That said, many people choose to take continuing education courses to improve their skills, stay up to date on trends, and also learn the latest health and safety requirements in the state.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

Department of Health
Address: 3 Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908
Contact Form:
Call: 401-222-596