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South Dakota Beauty Schools

South Dakota has many quality beauty schools that will train and prepare tomorrow’s barbers and beauticians. The benefits of working in the beauty industry in Minot and Bismarck are many. The beauty industry is growing statewide and the people are friendly and welcoming. There are plenty of opportunities to open your own salon or barbershop, or to work in one of the already established businesses. There is a demand for qualified stylists in the area, so if you’re thinking about a career in cosmetology, South Dakota is a great place to start your education.

The average salary for a hairstylist in Minot is $28,490 per year, and the average salary for a barber is $27,140 per year. In Bismarck , the average salary for a hairstylist is $29,280 per year, and the average salary for a barber is $28,040 per year. These are just averages, so with experience and a good clientele, you could easily make more than these amounts.

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Beauty Schools in South Dakota

Are you passionate about beauty and want to turn your passion into a career? If so, Beauty Schools Near You is the perfect place for you! We have listings for the best beauty schools in South Dakota, so you can find the right program to fit your needs. Cosmetologists, estheticians, makeup artists, hairstylists, and nail technicians are all in high demand. So check out our listings and find the perfect beauty school for you!

See the full list of beauty schools throughout the state of South Dakota.