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Nail Tech Schools in Washington

There are many reasons why someone might want to become a nail technician in Washington. The state is home to a large number of salons and spas, and there is a constant demand for qualified professionals. In addition, the average salary for a nail technician in Washington is higher than the national average. If you are considering a career in the beauty industry, becoming a nail technician in Washington is a great option. This site contains a wealth of information to help you learn about the process of becoming a nail tech in Washington state and also provides listings of nail tech schools near you in Washington to help you explore this career path.

Nail Tech Schools in Washington

State Requirements for Nail Technician Licensing in Washington

  • At least seventeen (17) years of age.
  • Six hundred (600) hours of training from a state-approved nail tech program or eight hundred (800) hours of apprenticeship.
  • License renewal every two (2) years.

How Much Do Washington Nail Tech Programs Cost?

Once you’ve purchased your necessary books and supplies, and paid tuition and fees, most nail technician programs in Washington will cost between $4,000 and $8,000. Below you can see the cost of a few programs from around the state.

  • Bluestone Cosmetology (Ellensburg) – $4,500
  • Glen Dow Academy of Hair Design (Spokane) – $7,720
  • Elite Academy (Yakima) – $5,500

Required Skills and Classes

When you sign up for a nail tech program in Washington you’ll embark on a path of comprehensive studies to become a well rounded nail tech including all of the following concepts:

  • Manicuring and pedicuring theory
  • Business practices and professional ethics
  • Artificial nails including silk, linen, fiberglass, acrylic, gel, and powder
  • The extension, sculpting, preparation, application, finish, and removal of artificial nails
  • Cleaning, shaping, and polishing nails of the hands and feet
  • Cuticle treatments
  • Storage, sanitation, and disinfection
  • Disorders and diseases of human hands and feet
  • Safety in regard to chemicals, chemical storage, and electrical appliances
  • Emergency first aid for manicures and pedicures

Apprenticeship – Washington offers an 800-hour apprenticeship program by working as a paid employee while completing your education.

State Licensing Exam

An applicant automatically becomes eligible to take the written and practical exams once the required training has been completed. The school of origin or apprentice instructor will submit the necessary information and will issue a temporary username and password to create an online account with Ergometrics-NTN.

  • Written Exam – this test will have a 90-minute time limit and will evaluate the examinee’s knowledge of the following subjects:
    • Safety and infection control procedures
    • Anatomy and physiology of the human body and nails
    • Nail product functions and chemistry
    • Client consultation and documentation
    • Nail technology tools and equipment
    • Sanitation and disinfection
    • Manicures and pedicures
    • Nail enhancements
    • Basic massage
  • Practical Exam – this test will have a 100-minute time limit. A comprehensive list of required items can be found in the Manicurist Exam Preparation Guide. Exam observers will evaluate the examinee’s capability of the following procedures:
    • Set up and client preparation – 10 minutes
    • Manicure – 20 minutes
    • Nail tip application – 20 minutes
    • Nail wrap procedure – 20 minutes
    • Sculptured nail application – 20 minutes
    • Nail polish application – 10 minutes

Exam results will be posted in the examinee’s online account with Ergometrics-NTN within a 1-week time frame. The passing score for both exams is 75%.

Application by Reciprocity – out-of-state applicants with completed license requirements from another state may also become licensed in Washington by submitting a reciprocity application. To proceed with the application, the following conditions must be met:

  • Has completed a nail technology program
  • Has passed the written or theory exam
  • Has passed the practical exam

How Much Do Nail Techs Get Paid in Washington?

The average nail tech specialist in Washington state will earn $38,740 per year, on average, which is equivalent to $18.63 per hour.

Does Washington Have Continuing Education Requirements for Nail Technicians?

The state of Washington does not require continuing education credits for license renewals, though many nail techs still take courses to keep their skills and knowledge sharp. You will need to renew your license every two years in Washington.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

For in-depth information on licensing, you can reach the state board in Washington at:

State of Washington Dept. of Licensing, Cosmetology Licensing Program
Address: 405 Black Lake Boulevard Southwest, Olympia, WA 98502
Email: [email protected]
Call: 360-664-6626
Fax: 360-664-2550