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Hair Schools in Wisconsin

Becoming a hairstylist is a great career choice for many reasons. First, it is a very creative profession that allows you to express your creativity and individuality. Second, it is a people-oriented profession that allows you to work with a variety of different people on a daily basis. Third, it is a relatively secure profession, as there will always be a need for hairstylists. Fourth, it is a relatively flexible profession, as you can often set your own hours and work from home if you wish. Finally, it is a relatively well-paid profession, especially if you are able to build up a loyal clientele.

If you are interested in becoming a hairstylist, there are many hair schools in Wisconsin that can help you get licensed in the state. Check out our listings below to find a hair school near you.

Hair Schools in Wisconsin

State Requirements for Hairstylist Licensing in Wisconsin

If you’ve already earned your license in another state, you can apply for a license by endorsement. You can find information on endorsement here.

If you have not been licensed previously, high school graduates (or those who’ve earned the educational equivalent) will need to attend a state-accredited beauty school or do an apprenticeship.

The state requires accredited programs to be at least 10 months long and include 1,550 hours of instruction. Apprenticeships must be done under the supervision of a licensed cosmetologist, and include 4,000 hours of work. The apprenticeship must be done at a minimum of 32 hours per week and must be completed between two and four years.

Once you’ve completed your hair school program or apprenticeship, you’ll need to apply for the state’s written and practical exams, which are administered by DL Roope. You can learn more on their website.

How Much Do Wisconsin Hair Schools Cost?

The average cost of a hair school program in Wisconsin is just under $18,000 for tuition, with additional costs of about $2,000 for books and supplies. If you shop around on price, you can sometimes find programs with tuition as low as $12,000, but it will really depend on your location and what schools are near you.

Required Skills and Classes

As you complete your required hours you’ll learn a bunch of essential skills that will serve you well throughout your career as a hairstylist. While every program will be a little different, you’ll most likely cover all the topics below:

  • Wisconsin laws and regulations for cosmetologists
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Client safety and sanitation
  • Proper usage of cosmetology tools
  • Haircutting, styling, coloring, straightening, curling, and waving techniques
  • Manicure and nail enhancements
  • Beauty product knowledge
  • Industry trends
  • Business skills like bookkeeping, communication, and ethics

State Licensing Exam

Wisconsin will require all aspiring hairstylists to complete the state’s written theory and practical exams before they can earn their license to practice as a hairstylist.

The written exam allows 90 minutes for you to answer questions related to the theory and practice of cosmetology. This multiple-choice test will include questions on topics specific to hair care services as well as scientific concepts like sanitation, anatomy, and physiology.

The practical exam is a 4 to 5-hour demonstration of your skills. In the practical exam, you’ll need to successfully demonstrate:

  • Client prep and supply set up
  • Thermal curling
  • Haircutting
  • New client work area set up and supply preparation
  • Chemical waving
  • Predisposition and strand test with a simulated product
  • Foil highlighting and virgin application with colored simulated product
  • Hair color retouching
  • Virgin hair relaxer application
  • Blood exposure procedure
  • Eyebrow tweezing and soft wax
  • Manicure and polish application

There is a $106 fee for the written theory exam and a $180 fee for the practical exam. If you fail either portion and wish to retake the test, you’ll need to pay the fees again.

Candidates will need a score of at least 75 on each exam to pass.

How Much Do Hairstylists Make in Wisconsin? 

The average hourly salary for hairstylists in Wisconsin is $15.37. The average annual pay is $31,970. These figures come from the most recent data made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Does Wisconsin Have Continuing Education Requirements for Hairstylists? 

The state of Wisconsin requires that hairstylists complete four hours of continuing education credits with each license renewal, which occurs every two years. Along with your renewal, you’ll need to pay an $11 license renewal fee.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

Hairstylist licenses are under the supervision of the Department of Safety and Professional Services in Wisconsin. Their contact information is below.

Website: Department of Safety and Professional Services
Phone: (608) 266-2112