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Hair Schools in North Carolina

A career in hair styling can be very rewarding. As a hair stylist, you will have the opportunity to help people feel their best. You will also be able to express your creative side while working with your clients. In order to become a hairstylist in North Carolina, you must attend hair school and pass the state licensing exam.

While attending hair school, you will learn about different hair types, cutting techniques, and color theory. You will also have the chance to practice your skills with real clients. By the time you graduate, you will be ready to take the state licensing exam and start your career as a hairstylist.

Read on to learn more about the requirements and job opportunities for hairdressers in North Carolina, and check out our listings to find a hair school near you.

Hair Schools in North Carolina

State Requirements for Hairstylist Licensing in North Carolina

If you’d like to work as a hairstylist in North Carolina you’ll need to fulfill a few requirements first. One, you’ll need to graduate from a 1,500-hour educational program or a 1,200-hour apprenticeship with a licensed professional. Second, you’ll need to apply for and pass the state’s cosmetology exams.

Once you pass your exam you can submit your application to the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners, once approved you can pay your initial $49 license fee and at that point you are eligible to legally work in North Carolina.

How Much Do North Carolina Hair Schools Cost?

You’ll have a number of options when it comes time to choose a hair school in North Carolina. Depending on where you are, there may be many schools near you to choose from. However, when it comes to cost, you can typically expect to pay anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 for tuition alone. On average, you can also expect to pay around $2,000 for supplies and books.

Required Skills and Classes

As you complete your 1,500 hours of classroom time at your North Carolina hair school, you’ll take a variety of courses designed to prepare you for passing the state’s exam, but also for serving clients once you’ve earned your license. Some subjects and skills you’ll be experiencing include:

  • Customer service
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Anatomy
  • Hair cutting and design
  • Hair coloring
  • Nail care
  • Skin care
  • Chemistry
  • Shampooing and rinsing
  • Straightening and curling hair

Some programs may also lean more into topics related to running your own business, so inquire about those courses before you sign up if you’re interested in running your own salon.

State Licensing Exam

North Carolina has two exams for prospective hairstylists to pass before they can earn their license. The practical exam requires you to bring your own mannequin and equipment to demonstrate your skills in topics like haircutting, curling, and coloring hair. You’ll also need to demonstrate proper procedures for setting up for a client and using proper client protection.

The written exam allows 90 minutes and covers the topics covered in your cosmetology course. There’s a lot to remember, so you may want to study on flash cards leading up to the test to make sure you have a firm grasp of all the theory and topics covered in your courses.

North Carolina’s exams are administrated and managed by Prometric, a nationwide testing provider. You can apply online here.

How Much Do Hairstylists Make in North Carolina? 

In North Carolina, a hairdresser can earn a nice living. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent numbers, the average annual salary for hairstylists in North Carolina was $35,630, or $16.77 hourly.

Does North Carolina Have Continuing Education Requirements for Hairstylists? 

Every year you’ll need to renew your license with the state board. You’ll also need to complete eight hours of continuous education credits to stay current on laws and regulations. Along with proof of course credits, you’ll need to pay a $49 renewal fee.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

Licensing for hairstylists in the state of North Carolina is handled by the state’s Division of Licensing Services. You can reach them using the contact information below.

Website: North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (919) 736-6123