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Hair Schools in Minnesota

If you’re looking for a career in hair design, Minnesota is a great place to start your search. The state is home to a number of hair schools that can provide you with the training you need to start your own hair design business. On top of that, the hair design industry is growing rapidly in Minnesota, so there are plenty of opportunities for new stylists to find work.

And because hair design is a highly creative field, it can be a lot of fun to work as a hairstylist. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in hair design, Minnesota is definitely the place to be.

Hair Schools in Minnesota

State Requirements for Hairstylist Licensing in Minnesota

Becoming a licensed hairstylist in Minnesota requires completing an accredited hair school program and passing a state licensing exam. After completing your hair school program, you will need to take the state licensing exam. The licensing exam consists of three written tests, a general test, a state test, and a written practical exam. The Minnesota Cosmetology Exam will cost you $85, $24 for the state test, $33 for the general test, and $28 for the practical exam.

Once you have passed the licensing exams, you can pay the application fee and apply for a hairstylist license from the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology. To maintain your license, you will need to complete continuing education courses every two years.

How Much Do Minnesota Hair Schools Cost?

The cost of hair school in Minnesota can range from around $10,000 to $20,000. However, there are many factors that can affect the total cost, such as the type of program, the length of the program, and the location of the school. For example, full-time programs at private schools can be more expensive than part-time programs at public schools. Additionally, programs that offer specialized training in haircutting or hair styling may also cost more than general cosmetology programs. As a result, it is important to research the different options available in order to find the best cosmetology school for your needs and budget.

Required Skills and Classes

A cosmetology program typically includes classes on hair, skin, and nails. Students learn how to cut, style, and color hair, as well as how to care for the scalp. They also learn about different hair textures and types, and how to use hair-care products. In addition, students receive instruction on manicures, makeup application, and skin care.

By the end of a cosmetology program, students should have the skills to pass the written and practical portions of Minnesota’s cosmetology exam and be armed with the knowledge necessary to obtain a cosmetology license and work in a salon. Your program will include a minimum of 1,550 hours to meet Minnesota’s licensing requirements.

State Licensing Exam

As mentioned above, there are three exams you’ll need to pass as part of the MCE, the Minnesota Cosmetology Exam. You’ll have 120 minutes to complete the general theory exam, 60 minutes for the state exam, and 120 minutes for the practical exam.

For the latest information on the test, you can visit the provider’s website at PSI Exams Online.

How Much Do Hairstylists Make in Minnesota?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average hairstylist in Minnesota made $17.47 per hour or $36,340 annually as of May 2021. Those numbers were good for the 18th highest pay rate in the United States.

Does Minnesota Have Continuing Education Requirements for Hairstylists? 

Minnesota is a state that requires hairdressers to complete continuing education credits in order to renew their licenses. Renewals happen every three years and you must be able to prove that you’ve completed four hours of continuing education credits to successfully renew your license. You’ll have to pay the license renewal fee as well, and you can go through the renewal process online here.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

The licensing board in Minnesota is the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology whose contact information can be found below.

Website: Minnesota Board of Cosmetology
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (651) 201-2742