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Barber Schools in Wisconsin

If you live in Wisconsin and want to become a barber, you’ll need to attend a barber school. Barber schools teach the necessary skills and techniques for becoming a successful barber. After completing a barber program, you’ll be able to take the Wisconsin state board examination to earn your license.

There are several different barber schools located throughout Wisconsin. To find a barber school near you, review the list below. You’ll also find information about becoming a barber in Wisconsin, state exams, and salary information.

Barber Schools in Wisconsin

State Requirements for Barber Licensing­ in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, a barber must complete four phases to practice his or her trade. The following are the actions you must take:

  • Enroll in a barber school program
  • Complete 1,000 hours of education at the barber school or 2,000 hours at a barber school and apprenticeship
  • Pass the Written and Practical Barber Exams
  • Renew your license every other year

What Is The Average Cost Of Barber School in Wisconsin?

The average cost of tuition for barber schools in Wisconsin is $13,215.

Non-tuition expenditures, such as barber kits, barber supplies, study materials, books, exam fees, and license application fees are all common.

You don’t have to pay for barber school out of pocket. The FAFSA, Pell Grants, scholarships, and low-interest loans are a few options available. To learn about other types of financing you may be eligible for, reach out to your barber school’s financial aid department.

Required Skills and Classes

There are two ways to fulfill the education requirements of becoming a barber in Wisconsin:

  • Complete 1,000 hours of education at a barber school
  • Complete at least 288 hours of education at a barber school and 1,712 hours in an apprenticeship (2,000 total hours)

If completing training in a barber school, you will spend at least 288 hours in theory learning, where you are taught barbering concepts and skills in a classroom setting. The remaining hours are spent towards practical learning.

For apprenticeships, you must first complete 288 theory hours at a barber school before starting as an apprentice. You must work under the direct supervision of a licensed Wisconsin barber located in the state. Hours must be logged on a daily basis and approved by the supervisor.

Upon fulfilling the education requirements either through a barber school or apprenticeship, you are eligible to apply for a temporary permit.

State Licensing Exams

The Wisconsin Barber Board uses DL Roope to administer both the Practical and Written barber exams. Candidates must pass both exams with a passing score of 75% before being eligible to apply for a barber license.

Written Exam

Wisconsin uses content from the NIC National Barber Styling Theory Exam for the written section of their barber exam. The exam is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions along with 10 non-scored questions. The exam has a time limit of 90 minutes and is made up of the following sections:

  • Scientific Concepts – 35 questions
  • Implements and Equipment – 10 questions
  • Hair Care Services – 40 questions
  • Facial Hair and Skin Care Services – 15 questions
  • Wisconsin State Law – 10 questions

Practical Exam

Candidates must demonstrate their knowledge of barbering services and protocols in front of a judge during the Practical Exam. Services are performed on mannequins that are supplied by the test taker – no live models are allowed. The exam has a time limit of 3 hours and is made up of the following sections:

  1. Work Area and Client Preparation, and Set Up of Supplies (First client, 10 minutes)
  2. Haircutting (40 minutes)
  3. Work Area and New Client Preparation, and Set Up of Supplies (Second client, 15 minutes)
  4. Shaving with Straight Razor (Variable Timing)
  5. Blood Exposure Procedure (10 minutes)
  6. Chemical Waving (20 minutes)
  7. Predisposition Test and Strand Test with Simulated Product (10 minutes)
  8. Chemical Relaxer – Virgin Application (15 minutes)
  9. Hair Color – Retouch Application (15 minutes)

How Much Do Wisconsin Barbers Make?

Wisconsin barbers make an average salary of $31,050 per year or $14.93 per hour according to the BLS.

Are There Continuing Education Requirements For Wisconsin Barbers?

According to the State of Wisconsin Barbering and Cosmetology Examining Board, there are no continuing education requirements for barbers in Wisconsin.

How Do I Renew My Wisconsin Barber License?

Wisconsin barbers are required to renew their licenses before March 31 of odd-numbered years. Renewals can be completed on the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services website, or a Paper Renewal Form can be requested by calling (608) 266-2112. To renew online, you must create or log in to an account using your barber license number and a PIN passcode. A renewal fee is required for both online and paper renewals.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

The Wisconsin Barber Department of Safety and Professional Services can be reached with the following details:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (608) 266-2112
Address: 4822 Madison Yards Way, Madison, WI 53705