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Barber Schools in Virginia

There are many barber schools located throughout the state of Virginia that can provide you with the education and training you need to become a successful professional barber. At these schools, you will learn about the different cutting techniques, styles, and trends that are popular in the industry today. You will also gain important business skills that will help you run your own barbershop successfully.

If you are thinking about becoming a barber, it is important to get in touch with a barber school in Virginia to learn more about the education and training that is required for this career. The staff at these schools can provide you with information about the different programs that are available, as well as guidance on how to get started in your career.

Barber Schools in Virginia

State Requirements for Barber Licensing­ in Virginia

In order to work as a barber in Virginia, you must complete the following four stages. The following are the steps you need to perform:

  • Enroll in a barber school program
  • Complete 1,100 clock hours
  • Pass the Virginia Barber Exam
  • Keep your barber license current

How Much Do Virginia Barber Programs Cost?

The average cost of tuition for a Virginia barber school is $12,000.

Barber school students are usually responsible for the expense of basic barbering necessities, a functional barber kit, and training manuals in addition to tuition. Other one-time expenses that students should be prepared to pay include taking the barber test, obtaining licenses, and paying barber school fees.

Contact your barber school’s financial aid department to find out about what types of financing for which you may be qualified. FAFSA, Pell Grants, scholarships, and low-interest loans are just a few examples of ways to lower the cost of a barbering program.

Required Skills and Classes

Barber schools are required to assemble their own curriculum and submit a detailed course outline to the Board for approval. All barber schools are required to provide a minimum 1,100 hours of training and must cover at a minimum the following areas:

  • Hair and Scalp Treatments – 10 hours
  • Hair Services – 320 hours
  • Hair Coloring – 35 hours
  • Basic Facials – 5 hours

The remaining 730 hours are left to the discretion of the barber school, however the curriculum needs to be approved by the Board.

Students may also have the opportunity to pursue a dual barber/master barber license, where the candidate will be eligible to provide additional barbering related services. Candidates must complete an additional 400 clock hours of training, of which a minimum number of hours must be met in the following categories:

  • Bleaching and Frosting – 10 hours
  • Cold Permanent Waving or Chemical relaxing – 25 hours
  • Hair Shaping – 50 hours
  • Wig Care, Styling, Placing on Model – 5 hours
  • Finger Waving and Thermal Waving – 30 hours

The remaining 280 hours are left to the discretion of the barber school.

State Licensing Exams

The Virginia Board for Barbers and Cosmetology uses the National Barber 1 Exams for both the Theory and Practical exams for barber licensing.

Theory Exam

The Virginia barber theory exam consists of 50 questions as well as 10 questions that do not influence your final score. Candidates must pass the written theory exam before taking the practical exam and pay a $75 exam fee. The theory exam is made up of questions from the following subjects:

  1. Scientific Concepts – 20 questions
  2. Implements and Equipment – 5 questions
  3. Hair Care Services – 15 questions
  4. Facial Hair and Skin Care Services – 10 questions

Practical Exam

Candidates must pay an $80 fee when scheduling the practical exam. A mannequin is used to perform the services outlined below during the practical exam. A live model is allowed only for the shaving section of the exam.

  1. Work Area and Client Preparation, and Set Up of Supplies (First client (10 minutes)
  2. Haircutting (40 minutes)
  3. Work Area and New Client Preparation, and Set Up of Supplies (Second client 15 minutes)
  4. Shaving with Straight Razor (Variable Timing)
  5. Blood Exposure Procedure (10 minutes)

How Much Do Barbers Get Paid in Virginia?

The average salary for barbers in Virginia is $33,840 per year or $16.27 an hour based on statistics from the BLS.

Continuing Education Requirements

To renew their barber licenses in Virginia, barbers do not need to complete any continuing education courses.

How Do I Renew My Virginia Barber License?

Barber license renewals can be completed on the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation website for Barbers. There is a $105 renewal fee, which can be paid by mail or online. Refer to your license for its specific expiration date.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

The Virginia Board for Barbers and Cosmetology

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (804) 367-8590
Address: 9960 Mayland Dr, Richmond, VA 23233