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Barber Schools in Texas

There are many barber schools located throughout the state of Texas. Becoming a licensed barber in Texas requires completing an accredited barber program and passing the state’s licensure exam.

Once you have completed a barber program and obtained your license, you will be able to find work in a variety of settings, including barbershops, salons, and spas. You may also choose to open your own barbershop.

If you are interested in becoming a barber in Texas, contact one of the many accredited barber schools in the state today.

Barber Schools in Texas

State Requirements for Barber Licensing­ in Texas

To work as a barber in Texas, you must first fulfill the following four criteria. The following are the stages to follow:

  • Attend a barber school in Texas
  • Complete 1,500 hours of education
  • Pass the Written and Practical Barber Exams
  • Renew your license every other year

How Much Do Texas Barber Programs Cost?

The cost of barber schools in Texas will range from $10,000 to $20,000.

Get in touch with the financial aid office of your barber school to ask about all forms of financial aid for which you may qualify. A few ways to lower the cost associated with completing a barbering program are FAFSA, Pell Grants, scholarships, and subsidized loans.

Students are generally required to pay for supplies like barbering kits and books in addition to tuition. Students should also budget for one-time costs associated with taking exams, obtaining licenses, and paying any fees involved with the barber school program.

Required Skills and Classes

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation approves the curriculum for barber schools.

There are various types of barber licenses in Texas, and many individuals hold multiple types of licenses based on the types of services they would like to offer. For example, may individuals wish to provide a basic level of barbering services as well as services offered by a manicurist. Below are some of the more common barbering licenses and professions in Texas as well as the required training hours:

  • Class A Barber – 1,500 hours
  • Cosmetology Operator to Class A Barber – 300 hours
  • Barber Technician – 300 hours
  • Hair Weaving – 300 hours
  • Barber Technician and Manicurist – 900 hours
  • Barber Technician and Hair Weaving – 600 hours

Class A Barber Requirements

Class A Barber is the most common type of barber licensing sought in Texas as it allows barbers to provide a full range of professional services. It is required to attend a barber school in Texas and complete a minimum of 1,500 hours of education over a minimum of 9 months. The following are the minimum hourly requirements for each category:

Barber Theory

Barber theory consists of classroom-style learning

Category Hours
Barber Anatomy 50 hours
Texas Barber Law & Rules 35 hours
Bacteriology, Sterilization, & Sanitation 30 hours
Disorders Of The Skin, Scalp, & Hair 10 hours
Salesmanship 5 hours
Barbershop Management 5 hours
Chemistry 5 hours
Shaving 5 hours
Scalp, Hair Treatments & Skin 5 hours
Sanitary Professional Techniques 4 hours
Professional Ethics 4 hours
Scientific Fundamentals Of Barbering 4 hours
Cosmetic Preparations 3 hours
Shampooing & Rinsing 2 hours
Cutting & Processing Curly & Over-Curly Hair 2 hours
Haircutting – Male & Female 2 hours
Theory Of Massage Of Scalp, Face & Neck 2 hours
Hygiene & Good Grooming 1 hour
Barber Implements 1 hour
Honing & Stropping 1 hour
Mustaches & Beards 1 hour
Facial Treatments 1 hour
Electricity & Light Therapy 1 hour
History Of Barbering 1 hour
Total 180 hours

Practical Work

Most of the time spent in barber school is devoted to practical work where you apply barbering concepts learned in theory. You will practice barbering skills on mannequins, volunteers, and patrons of a barbershop or hair salon under the supervision of an instructor. Practical work helps prepare you for the practical section of the Texas barber exam and prepares you for a career as a barber. Below is the breakdown of hours spent during the practical section of barber school:

Category Hours
Men’s, Women’s, & Children’s Haircutting 800 hours
Shaving 80 hours
Styling 55 hours
Shampooing & Rinsing 40 hours
Bleaching & Dyeing Of The Hair 30 hours
Waving Hair 28 hours
Straightening 25 hours
Cleansing 25 hours
Professional Ethics 22 hours
Barbershop Management 22 hours
Hair Weaving & Hairpieces 17 hours
Processing 15 hours
Clipping 15 hours
Beards & Mustaches 15 hours
Shaping 15 hours
Dressing 15 hours
Curling 15 hours
First Aid & Safety Precautions 11 hours
Scientific Fundamentals Of Barbering 10 hours
Barber Implements 10 hours
Tapering, Trimming, Processing, & Molding & Scalp, Hair Treatments, & Tonics 10 hours
Massage & Facial Treatments 10 hours
Arranging 10 hours
Beautifying 10 hours
Singeing 7 hours
Manicuring 8 hours
Total 1320 hours

State Licensing Exams

The Texas barber exam is made up of two sections – the Written Exam and the Practical Exam.

Written Exam

The Texas Class A Barber exam has 85 questions that must be answered within a 90-minute time limit. There is a $50 fee associated with taking the written exam that must be paid during the application process. The exam is closed book and consists of the following sections.

  • Licensing and Regulation – 7 questions
  • Sanitation, Disinfection, Sterilization, and Safety – 25 questions
  • Hair and Scalp Care – 4 questions
  • Haircutting and Hairstyling – 12 questions
  • Hair coloring – 8 questions
  • Chemical Texture Services – 10 questions
  • Nail and Skin Care – 4 questions
  • Shaving – 15 questions

Practical Exam

There is a $72 fee associated with taking the Texas Class A barber practical exam. The practical exam is scored using a total of 163 points and a passing score of 70% (115 points) is necessary, and you have 3 hours and 29 minutes to complete the entire exam. All activities are performed on a mannequin, which includes the following:

  • Safety Criteria – 4 total points. 10 minutes allowed
  • Manicure – 16 total points. 22 minutes allowed
  • Professional Shave – 34 total points. 42 minutes allowed
  • Blood Exposure Incident – 12 total points. 12 minutes allowed
  • Facial – 13 total points. 17 minutes allowed.
  • Haircutting – 43 total points. 37 minutes allowed
  • Blow Drying and Thermal Curling – 11 total points. 22 minutes allowed
  • Chemical Application Preparation – 4 total points. 10 minutes allowed
  • Permanent Wave – 13 total points. 17 minutes allowed.
  • Single Process Color Retouch – 10 total points. 10 minutes allowed
  • End of Examination Disinfection – 3 total points. 10 minutes allowed

You will receive your final score for the practical exam 5-10 minutes after completing the test. You are not allowed to discuss the results of your exam with the test administrators – you must contact PSI customer service regarding the results.

How Much Do Barbers Get Paid in Texas?

The average salary for barbers in Texas is $28,550 per year or $13.72 per hour according to the BLS.

Continuing Education Requirements

There are no continuing education requirements for barbers located in Texas.

How Do I Renew My Texas Barber License?

Barber license renewals can be completed on the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website. Licenses must be renewed once every two years and there is a $53 fee that must be paid when completing the license renewal.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for Barbering can be reached with the following:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 803-9202 or (512) 463-6599
Address: PO Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711