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Barber Schools in New York

There are many barber schools located throughout the state of New York. These schools can provide you with the training and education you need to start your career as a barber.

Becoming a barber can be a rewarding and exciting career. You will have the opportunity to work with people of all ages and from all walks of life. As a barber, you will be able to help people look and feel their best.

Barber Schools in New York

State Requirements for Barber Licensing­ in New York

A barber must complete four phases in New York to be licensed. The following are the things you must accomplish:

  • Enroll in a barber school or an apprenticeship program
  • Complete the required hours of training at a barber school or two years of experience as a barber apprentice
  • Pass the New York barber exams
  • Renew your license once every four years

How Much Do New York Barber Programs Cost?

Because the curriculum for barber schools can be varied, tuition can range from $5,000 to $15,000 for a barbering program.

Required Skills and Classes

There are two paths to becoming a barber in New York – by attending an accredited barber school or through an apprenticeship program.

Before enrolling in a barber school, you should be sure that you are able to meet the following basic requirements:

  • Are at least 17 years old
  • Have completed a physical 30 days before submitting your barber license application
  • Have proof of completing at least the 10th grade of high school

Barber School

New York is unlike other states in that there are not specific hour requirements for barber schools set by the Board. Instead, each school sets their own required hours and topics of study. Each school’s curriculum needs to be approved by the Board for them to be an accredited New York barber school.

Most schools provide a minimum of 288 hours of training, and most focus on topics related to

  • Haircuts and hair styling
  • Shear cutting techniques
  • Clipper cutting
  • Shampooing
  • Straight razor shaving
  • Facial massaging
  • Sterilization and sanitation
  • Disorders related to skin, hair and the scalp
  • Barbershop management
  • New York barber rules and regulations

Barber school applicants will need to complete a class regarding “the transmission of contagious diseases and the proper methods of sanitation and sterilization”. Your barber school will likely be able to assist with providing the class through their program, or they will provide instructions for signing up for the class.


An alternative path toward licensure is to work as a registered Barber Apprentice for two (2) years in New York. You must submit a Barber Apprentice Application to start and work under the direct supervision of a licensed barber during that time period. You will need to download and fill out a barber apprentice time record form throughout the apprenticeship and have your supervising barber sign for hours worked for each week.

You do not need to take and pass the New York barber exam through apprenticeship, however you do need to complete a one-time course regarding “the transmission of contagious diseases and the proper methods of sanitation and sterilization to be employed in barber shops”. You must provide proof that you completed the course in your barber license application.

State Licensing Exams

The New York barber exam consists of a practical examination. There is no written barber exam in New York. Applicants are required to pay a $15 practical exam fee when scheduling their exam. Applicants must also bring a form of a government-issued ID to the exam location.

Practical Examination

Candidates have 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete five procedures and barbering services on a mannequin:

  1. Professional Appearance, Preparation of Work Area & Client Preparation – 10 minutes
  2. Hair Cutting Techniques – 30 minutes
  3. Shaving – Facial Hair (15 minutes
  4. Facial Massage – 10 minutes
  5. Clean Up of Work Area – 5 minutes

Upon passing the practical exam, you will be issued a barber license in the mail. Information for your license, such as your license number, can also be looked up online.

The practical exam can be taken at the following locations across the state of New York:


Potter Career & Technical Center
705 Potter Road, Room 208
West Seneca, NY 14224

Long Island

Barber & Beauty Institute of New York
266 Greenwich Street
Hempstead, NY 11550

Mount Vernon

Westchester Barber Academy
206 S. Fulton Ave
Mount Vernon, NY 10550


Tribeca Barber & Beauty School
95-16 63rd Road
Rego Park, NY 11374


New Creations Unisex Shop
647 Jefferson Avenue (corner of Columbia)
Rochester, NY 14611


Paul Mitchell The School Schenectady
411 State Street
Schenectady, NY 12305

How Much Do Barbers Get Paid in New York?

According to the BLS, barbers in New York make $35,920 per year or $17.27 an hour.

Continuing Education Requirements

Barbers in New York are not required to complete continuing education for license renewal. Many barber schools and colleges offer continuing education classes, which are beneficial for brushing up on barbering skills as well as new rules and regulations related to barbers in New York.

How Do I Renew My New York Barber License?

Barbers are required to renew their licenses once every four years. You can refer to your license’s expiration date on the license. Renewals can be completed as early as three months before the expiration date. There is a $40 license renewal fee that must be paid online.

Out-of-state barbers

Barbers can apply for licensure through reciprocity with the Board. Individuals from Pennsylvania, New Mexico, or Maine are eligible to provide certification of licensure as a means for obtaining a barber license in New York. Previous residents of other states will need to provide other documents which may include a course certificate, transcript with curriculum from the barber school, 3 years of work experience, and 2 experience statements. New York has different requirements for each state, so contact the Board for specific information that you will need to provide.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

The NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services for Barbers can be contacted with the following information:

Phone: (518) 474-4429
Address: PO Box 22001, Albany NY 12201-2001