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Barber Schools in Montana

There are several barber schools located in the state of Montana that can help you start your career as a barber. Barbering is a rewarding career that offers many opportunities for creativity and self-expression. As a barber, you will have the opportunity to work with all types of people and help them look their best. If you are interested in becoming a barber, you will first need to complete an accredited barbering program.

Barber Schools in Montana

State Requirements for Barber Licensing­ in Montana

To work as a licensed barber in a barbershop in Montana, follow these steps:

  • Enroll in a barber school program located in Montana
  • Complete the 1,500 hours of minimum training
  • Pass the Written and Practical Montana barber exams
  • Register for a barber license

How Much Do Montana Barber Programs Cost?

Tuition for barber schools in Montana is typically around $13,000. Most students qualify for financial aid that can be applied towards the cost of tuition. These include financial aid through scholarships, federal grants, and loan programs. Contact your school’s financial aid department to find out how you can apply to these programs.

Barbers need barbering tools and supplies for the course, such as barber kits, training manuals, and clinic consumables. These might range between $1,000 and $2,500 depending on the sort of equipment you want. In addition to this, you’ll have to pay for licensing fees, barber school administration costs, and barter exam fees in various amounts ranging from $500 to $600.

Required Skills and Classes

The Montana Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists provides guidelines for barber school curriculum. Students attending barber schools are required to learn about the following subjects:

  • Haircutting
  • Styling
  • Shampooing
  • Permanent Waving
  • Facials
  • Hair Replacements
  • Chemical Straightening
  • Scalp Treatments
  • Hair Coloring
  • Shaving
  • Shop Management and Bookkeeping
  • Sales and Product Knowledge
  • Business Ethics and Personal Grooming

Subjects are learned in either a classroom setting (Theory) or through hands-on-learning in a barbershop or salon setting (Practical).

State Licensing Exams

The Montana Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists use D.L. Roope Administrations to administer the Montana Barber Styling exams. The exam is made up of two separate exams, the Written section and the Practical section.


The Montana written exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions divided into four sections. There are also 10 questions asked prior to the start of the exam that do not influence your overall score. You must complete the exam within 90 minutes. Here are the sections covered in the Montana written barber exam:

  • Scientific Concepts – 35%
  • Implements and Equipment – 10%
  • Hair Care Services – 40%
  • Facial Hair and Skin Care Services – 15%


Unlike other states, Montana does not allow the use of models to be used during the practical examination. Only mannequin heads are allowed to demonstrate knowledge of barbering services. Mannequin heads must also be approved by the exam provider before the exam can begin.

The Montana practical exam lasts 3 hours and is made up of the following categories.

  1. Work Area and Client Preparation, And Set Up of Supplies
  2. Haircutting
  3. Work Area and New Client Preparation, And Set Up of Supplies
  4. Shaving with A Straight Razor
  5. Blood Exposure Procedure
  6. Chemical Waving
  7. Predisposition Test and Strand Test with Simulated Product
  8. Chemical Relaxer – Virgin Application
  9. Hair Color – Retouch Application

How Much Do Barbers Get Paid in Montana?

Barbers in Montana make on average $30,380 per year or approximately $14.61 per hour.

Continuing Education Requirements

There are no continuing education requirements for barbers in Montana.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

The Montana Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists can be reached using the following contact details:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (406) 841-2300
Address: PO Box 200513
Helena, MT 59620-0513