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Barber Schools in Maine

There are many reasons to consider attending one of the barber schools located in the state of Maine. Maine is home to some of the best barber schools in the country, and attending one of these schools can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful barber.

Barber Schools in Maine

State Requirements for Barber Licensing in Maine

Maine recently made amendments to its barbering and cosmetology licensing laws, making it easier for barbers to achieve licensing in the state of Maine. The Maine Board of Barbers licenses and regulates barbers in the state of Maine and provides rules and regulations for the industry. To become a licensed barber in Maine, you must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • Have a completed 10th grade or its equivalent
  • Complete an approved barbering program consisting of at least 800 hours of study
  • Pass the barber exam
  • Renew your Barber Hair Stylist license every year

Barber Hair Stylists in Maine can perform the following services:

  • Basic barbering services: cut, trim, bleach, color, relax, or treat hair
  • Shave, trim, or cut beards or mustaches
  • Massage the scalp, face, and neck and provide facial and scalp treatments
  • Shampoo or apply hair tonics and conditioners
  • Cut, fit, or style hairpieces or wigs

Barber Hair Stylists are not eligible to provide chemical hair services in Maine.

How Much Do Maine Barber Programs Cost?

The tuition for most barber schools in Maine totals around $12,000. Many students are eligible for financial aid through scholarships and grant programs. Contact the financial aid office of your barber school to see what financial aid options you may qualify for.

In addition to tuition, students are typically expected to pay for their own barbering tools, materials and supplies, books, and any fees associated with testing, license application, and registration. These costs end up totaling an additional $1,500 – $2,500.

Required Skills and Classes

Maine Barber Hair Stylists, formerly known as “Limited Barbers”, are required to attend a licensed barber school and complete an approved barbering program consisting of at least 800 hours of study. The program lasts approximately 25 weeks or about half a year. All applicants for licensure must pass the Maine Barber Exam in order to be licensed in the state.

The curriculum featured in barber schools includes:

  • Hair cutting
  • Hair Styling
  • Shaving
  • Product Knowledge
  • Business Development & Management
  • Scalp Treatment

State Licensing Exams

The Maine Board of Barbers uses DL Roope, a Prometric Company, to administer the Maine barber exam, which is comprised of two sections:

  • National NIC Barber 1 (no chemical) Written Examination
  • National NIC Barber 1 (no chemical) Practical Examination

The Maine Written exam consists of 60 questions of which 50 questions are weighted and contribute to the final score. Applicants have 90 minutes to complete the exam The following are the contents covered in written section of the exam:

  • Scientific Concepts – 40%
  • Implements and Equipment – 10%
  • Hair Care Services – 30%
  • Facial Hair and Skin Care Services – 20%

The Maine Practical exam tests an applicant’s ability to perform barbering skills learned in barbering schools on a mannequin head. The following are the sections tested during the Practical exam:

  1. Work Area, Client Preparation, and Set Up of Supplies (10 minutes)
  2. Haircutting (40 minutes)
  3. Work Area, New Client Preparation, and Set Up of Supplies (15 minutes)
  4. Shaving With a Straight Razor (Timing is variable)
  5. Blood Exposure Procedure (10 minutes)

Refer to the DL Roope Maine Barber Hair Stylist candidate handbook for more information.

How Much Do Barbers Get Paid in Maine?

Barbers located in Maine make on average $33,850 per year or make an hourly rate of $16.27.

Does Maine Have Continuing Education Requirements for Barbers?

There are no continuing education requirements for barbers in Maine. There are also no longer barber licensing by apprenticeship programs available in Maine.

How Do I Renew My Maine Barber License?

Licenses for barber hair stylists must be renewed annually before October 31st. Renewals can be completed online and require paying a $20 renewal fee.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

Contact the Maine Board of Barbers by using the listed contact information:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (207) 624-8579
Address: 35 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0035