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Barber Schools in Connecticut

Becoming a barber in Connecticut is a great way to make a living while providing a valuable service to the community. Barbers play an important role in helping people look their best, and they can often build strong relationships with their clients. If you’ve ever considered becoming a barber, check out our listings below to find a barber school near you in Connecticut and begin exploring this exciting career opportunity.

Barber Schools in Connecticut

State Requirements for Barber Licensing in Connecticut

There are four steps for becoming a barber in Connecticut:

  1. Attend a barber school accredited by the Connecticut State Board for Barbers, Hairdressers and Cosmeticians
  2. Complete the requirements of the program, including 1,000 hours
  3. Pass the Prometric barber exam
  4. Register as a licensed barber with the Board

How Much Do Connecticut Barber Programs Cost?

The average cost of barber school in Connecticut is $14,500.

There is an initial license fee, reinstatement fee, and license renewal fee for barber licenses, each totaling $100.

Required Skills and Classes

In addition to successfully completing the eighth grade, barbers must attend an accredited barber school and complete a course of study that consists of at least 1,000 hours. The following is a list of approved barber schools in Connecticut.

The barber school will then submit an affidavit of hours to the board.

State Licensing Exam

The state of Connecticut uses Prometric for administering the barber exam.

The exam consists of five sections, each are weighted to calculate the final score. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass the exam. The following is an outline for the content on the Connecticut Barber Exam

General Concepts – 20%

  1. Infection Control and Bacteriology
  2. Client Protection and Sanitation
  3. Shop Ethics
  4. Shop Safety (EPA, OSHA MSDS)
  5. Shop Management
  6. Career Planning

Hair and Scalp – 10%

  1. Hair and Scalp
  2. Structure, Composition, and/or Function
  3. Conditions, Disorders, and Diseases
  4. Irregularities
  5. Chemistry

Physical Services – 20%

  1. Shampoo and Rinses
  2. Purpose and Results
  3. Materials and Supplies
  4. Types of Shampoo
  5. Procedures
  6. Product Chemistry
  7. Types of Rinses
  8. Scalp and Hair Care, Facials, and


  1. Conditions
  2. Massage
  3. Procedures
  4. Product Chemistry
  5. Scalp Treatments
  6. Shaving, Beards, and Mustaches

Chemical Services – 20%

  1. Hair Coloring
  2. Materials and Supplies
  3. Techniques
  4. Scalp and Hair Analysis
  5. Corrective Methods
  6. Product Chemistry
  7. Safety Precautions
  8. Chemical Waving
  9. Procedures
  10. Techniques
  11. Materials and Supplies
  12. Scalp and Hair Analysis
  13. Product Chemistry
  14. Application
  15. Chemical Hair Relaxing
  16. Purpose and Results
  17. Materials and Supplies
  18. Scalp and Hair Analysis
  19. Product Chemistry
  20. Safety Measures
  21. Application

Hair Styling and Shaping – 10%

  1. Hairstyling
  2. Hairstyling
  3. Finishing Techniques
  4. Haircutting
  5. Use of Implements
  6. Haircutting Theory
  7. Techniques
  8. Electric Equipment

Licensing by apprenticeship:

Connecticut allows licensing by apprenticeship. This entails:

  • Completing at least 2,000 on the job hours at an apprenticeship approved by the Labor Department. 6 hours must relate to sanitation/hygiene.
  • Completing 150 theory/classroom hours
  • Passing the barber school exam

Out-of-state barbers:

Anyone who holds a barber license in another state is eligible for licensing in Connecticut without needing to take the barber exam after paying the $100 initial license fee.

How Much Do Barbers Get Paid in Connecticut?

Barbers in Connecticut make on average $39,600 per year or roughly $19.04 per hour.

Does Connecticut Have Continuing Education Requirements for Barbers?

There are no continuing education requirements for barbers in Connecticut.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

The following is the contact information for the Connecticut State Board for Barbers, Hairdressers and Cosmeticians. License registration and renewing a barber license is done through the Board.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 860-509-7603
Address: 410 Capitol Ave., MS# 12 APP
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134-0308