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Nail Tech Schools in Washington DC

As a nail technician, you have the opportunity to help people feel and look their best. You are also able to work in a highly creative field where you can express your artistic talents. If you are interested in fashion and beauty, becoming a professional nail technician is a great way to pursue your passion. In Washington D.C., there is a large demand for talented and qualified nail technicians. With a population of over six million people, the nation’s capital is home to many salons and spas. As a result, there are many opportunities for nail technicians to find steady work.

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Nail Tech Schools in Washington D.C.

Requirements for Nail Technician Licensing in Washington D.C.

  • A minimum of three hundred fifty (350) hours within a nail tech course.
  • License renewal every two (2) years is mandatory.

How Much Do Washington D.C. Nail Tech Programs Cost?

When you sign up for a nail technology program you’ll need to take into account a number of factors when it comes to the total cost. First, the tuition. This is going to be the largest portion of the price. On top of that, you’ll need textbooks and supplies, and some schools will require an enrollment fee. In all, you should expect to pay somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 once all expenses are added up.

Required Skills and Classes

Washington D.C. specifically requires aspiring nail tech professionals to enroll in a program composed of at least 350 hours which can be broken down into the following topics:

  • Manicuring (water and oil): 100 hours
  • Pedicure: 25
  • Personal hygiene: 25
  • Ethics, salesmanship: 25
  • Courtesy, conduct, communication skills, D.C. law: 35
  • Anatomy and physiology: 25
  • Bacteriology, pathology: 30
  • Chemistry: 35
  • Electricity: 20
  • Sanitation: 30

Students will have the option to pursue this career from either a dedicated nail tech or through a full cosmetology course.

State Licensing Exam

The next step for nail tech graduates is to apply for the licensure exams with the following requirements:

  • Has completed 10th grade or higher
  • Submit any other supporting documents
  • Payment of $230 which includes the examination fee of $55, application fee $65, and license fee of $110.
  • Formal Education Certificate from the nail tech school of origin.

Once approved, examinees will receive authorization to test. The Board of D.C. utilizes the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC) as the basis for the theory and practical examinations.

How Much Do Nail Techs Get Paid in Washington D.C.?

Being the capital of the U.S.A., professionals in this field will enjoy a salary equivalent to $46,040 per year or $22.13 per hour which is considerably higher than the national average.

Does Washington D.C. Have Continuing Education Requirements for Nail Technicians?

Six (6) hours of continued education are required between each license renewal in Washington D.C. to ensure that you have the latest health and safety knowledge and skills for your clients.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

If you want the latest information on licensing and regulations for nail technicians in Washington D.C., you can reach them at:

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Address: 1100 4th Street, SW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20024
Email: [email protected]
Call: 202-442-4400
Fax: 202-442-9445