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Nail Tech Schools in Pennsylvania

A career as a nail technician can be both rewarding and challenging. As a nail technician, you will have the opportunity to use your creativity to design unique nails for your clients. You will also need to be detail-oriented and have excellent customer service skills. In Pennsylvania, there are many opportunities for nail technicians to work in salons, spas, and even in private homes. If you’ve got a passion that aligns with this as your career, read on to learn more about the licensing requirements and check out some nail tech schools near you in Pennsylvania to see if one is a good fit.

Nail Tech Schools in Pennsylvania

State Requirements for Nail Technician Licensing in Pennsylvania

  • Sixteen (16) years old and above.
  • Has graduated from 10th grade.
  • A minimum of two hundred (200) hours worth of training from a state-sponsored school.
  • License renewal every two (2) years no later than January 31.

How Much Do Pennsylvania Nail Tech Programs Cost?

The cost of a program to become a nail technician in Pennsylvania can range from $5,500-$7,500 when tuition, fees, and the purchase of books and supplies are factored in.

Required Skills and Classes

The 200-hours of coursework ensures that students acquire the necessary skills and know-how on how to become nail tech professionals. Topics include:

  • Safety: Sanitation, accident prevention, and client privacy and communication
  • Nail structure and analysis: How to identify health and nail conditions that may affect treatment
  • Professional services: Massage, manicure/pedicure, tools, and more
  • Nail enhancements: Tips, gels, acrylics, etc.

State Licensing Exam

Those that finish the 200-hour training program will be eligible for licensure exams by submitting an application for professional licensure to:

Pearson VUE
c/o Dasher, Inc.
PO Box 1652
Harrisburg, PA 17105-1652

The actual exam will be a combination of theory and practical concepts that will determine the examinee’s understanding of the following subjects:

  • Nail enhancements
  • Nail analysis and structure
  • Professional nail services
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Cuticle trimming
  • Acrylic overlay
  • Nail polish application
  • Nail tip application
  • Nail buffing, shaping, and polishing
  • Regulations, rules, and safety

Reciprocity  – out-of-state applicants that have obtained their license from a different state are also eligible to acquire a license in Pennsylvania provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Currently licensed as a manicurist from the state of origin
  • Minimum two years of professional work experience
  • The state of origin must have a reciprocity agreement with Pennsylvania for nail technicians

How Much Do Nail Techs Get Paid in Pennsylvania?

Nail technicians within the state of Pennsylvania will earn an average salary of $25,060 per year or $12.05 per hour.

Does Pennsylvania Have Continuing Education Requirements for Nail Technicians?

No. Pennsylvania does not require continuing ed credits to maintain a nail tech license. You will need to renew your license and pay the renewal fee every two years.

Contact information for state licensing boards

Pennsylvania Department of State
Address: 2601 North 3rd Street PO Box 2649 Harrisburg, PA 17110
Email: [email protected]
Call: 717-783-7130
Fax: 717-705-5540