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Hair Schools in Ohio

A career in hair design can be very rewarding. Those who enter the field can expect to find a variety of opportunities for growth and advancement. In addition, hair designers are often able to set their own schedules and choose their own hours of work. As a result, hair design can be an excellent career choice for those who are looking for flexibility and autonomy.

Ohio offers a number of hair design schools that can help students get started in the field. These schools offer programs that cover a wide range of topics, from hair cutting and styling to color theory and hair care. As a result, students who enroll in one of these schools can develop the skills and knowledge they need to start a successful career in hair design.

This site has a multitude of information to help you learn more about the process of becoming a hairstylist and also listings of Ohio hair schools so you can find a program near you.

Hair Schools in Ohio

State Requirements for Hairstylist Licensing in Ohio

Hair designers in Ohio are required to complete 1,200 hours of coursework at an accredited school. While every program will have some flexible learning hours to cover additional topics, or delve deeper into certain areas, your program will certainly cover the following:

  • Infection control
  • Properties of the hair and scalp
  • Hair procedures and practices
  • Chemical procedures and practices
  • Salon operations and communication
  • Cosmetology laws and rules

Upon graduation from your program, you can apply to take the Ohio Cosmetology and Barber Board’s practical and written exams. After passing the exams you can submit your license application to the board and you will then receive your license by mail. Many licensing activities can be taken care of in the eLicense portal.

How Much Do Ohio Hair Schools Cost?

According to, the average cost for tuition at a hair school in Ohio is $16,773. Some schools will have additional costs for books and supplies that are not covered by tuition, on average they say that runs students $2,138. On the low end, some programs’ tuition will run about $10,000 while the most expensive programs are nearly $23,000.

Required Skills and Classes

While you work through your hair design program you’ll learn all the skills you need to be a successful hairstylist. This will include a number of critical courses teaching you skills such as:

  • Sanitation & sterilization
  • Communicable disease control
  • Product safety
  • Salon operations
  • Communication skills
  • Hair and scalp care
  • Haircutting and styling
  • Proper equipment usage
  • Sales training

Your program will prepare you for your state exam but also provide you with skills above and beyond that bar to help you succeed in your career.

State Licensing Exam

You’ll need to pass two exams to earn your Ohio hair design licensing certification. Once you’ve completed your required hours and graduated your accredited program, you’ll be able to apply for the written theory exam as well as the practical exam.

The theory exam is 100 multiple-choice questions that must be completed in 90 minutes. The subjects covered on the exam include anatomy and physiology, hair care and services, infection control, implements and equipment usage, and product knowledge and chemistry.

The practical exam requires candidates to demonstrate client setup and protection, thermal curling, haircutting, chemical waving, hair color retouching, hair relaxer retouching, chemical virgin relaxer, and foil highlighting. You will need to bring your own supplies including your own mannequin head for the exam.

When arriving for your exam you’ll need to bring a form of ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or military ID to prove your identity.

How Much Do Hairstylists Make in Ohio? 

The best source of income information for hairstylists in Ohio is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their most recent reporting showed the average salary in Ohio was $15.26 per hour or $31,750 annually.

Does Ohio Have Continuing Education Requirements for Hairstylists? 

In Ohio, you’ll need to renew your license every two years, and along with your $45 renewal fee, you’ll have to show proof of completing eight hours of continuing education to retain your license.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

Cosmetologist and hairdresser licenses in the state are managed by the State Board of Cosmetology. Their contact information is below.

Website: Ohio Cosmetology and Barber Board
Email: Contact form
Phone: (614) 466-3834