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Esthetician Schools in Texas

Write an intro Esthetics is a rapidly growing industry, so now is the ideal time to start your journey to becoming an esthetician in Texas. Attending an esthetician school is the best way to prepare for a successful career in this field, and these schools will give you the education and training you need to succeed.

There are many schools that offer programs in esthetics, but narrowing it down to those located in Texas will make your search a bit easier.

State requirements for esthetician licensing in Texas

  • At least seventeen (17) years old.
  • In possession of a high school or its equivalent.
  • Seven hundred fifty (750) hours of schooling from a commission-approved esthetician education program.
  • Renewal of license every two (2) years.

Estimated cost

  • A typical esthetician education program will take approx. six (6) months to complete. Community college fees start at around $4,000 while private schools start at $6,000. In-state students will be charged less than their out-of-state counterparts.
  • Expect to pay twice as much for master’s training since it requires double the coursework.
  • An additional $750 to $2,000 will be required for books and other supplies.
  • Financial aids in the form of scholarships and federal loans are also available. Please consult the financial aid department of the school in question for details.
  • Biannual licensing fees are usually under $100. Examination fees usually start at $100.

Required skills and classes

Aspiring skincare professionals will need to invest a total of 750 hours worth of training from a state-approved esthetics school. The expected curriculum should contain the following:

  • Facial treatment, cleansing, masking, and therapy: 225 hours
  • Anatomy and physiology: 90 hours
  • Electricity, machines, and related equipment: 75 hours
  • Makeup: 75 hours
  • Orientation, rules, and laws: 50 hours
  • Chemistry: 50 hours
  • Care of client: 50 hours
  • Sanitation, safety, and first aid: 40 hours
  • Management: 35 hours
  • Superfluous hair removal: 25 hours
  • Aromatherapy: 15 hours
  • Nutrition: 10 hours
  • Color psychology: 10 hours

State licensing exam

Written Exam

This test is designed to assess the examinee’s knowledge of the following:

  • Sanitation, disinfection, and safety (35 percent)
  • Client consultation and analysis (12 percent)
  • Basic facial treatments (20 percent)
  • Advanced facial treatments (12 percent)
  • Hair removal (9 percent)
  • Facial makeup (5 percent)
  • Licensing and regulation (7 percent)

Practical Examination

This test must be completed within 1 ½ hour and will assess the examinee’s ability to perform the following services:

  • Pre-exam set-up and disinfection: 10 minutes
  • Skin cleansing service: 15 minutes
  • Face and neck steaming: 5 minutes
  • Face and neck massaging: 15 minutes
  • Mask/pack and moisturizing: 15 minutes
  • Eyebrow arching using tweezers: 10 minutes
  • Eyebrow arching using mock cold wax: 10 minutes
  • End of exam disinfection: 10 minutes

Average salary

The average salary for professionals in this field is $36,890 per year or $17.74 per hour. The list below highlights the highest paying areas within the state:

  • Victoria: $37,890
  • Killeen-Temple: $35,710
  • El Paso: $33,560
  • Austin-Round Rock: $30,910
  • San Antonio-New Braunfels: $30,320

Continuing education requirements

Four (4) hours of continued education are required to renew this license.

Contact information for state licensing boards

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations

Address: PO Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711
Call: 512-463-6599
Fax: 512-463-9468