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Esthetician Schools in Nevada

There are many esthetician schools located in Nevada, and it is a good idea to find one and become an esthetician in the state. The schools will provide you with the necessary education and training to become a licensed esthetician in Nevada. There are many benefits to becoming an esthetician, and the schools will help you get started on your career.

State requirements for esthetician licensing in Nevada

  • Enroll in an esthetician school with at least 900 hours of combined coursework and practical training.
  • License renewal every 2 years.

Estimated cost

The list below showcases what Nevada has to offer for aspiring skincare professionals.

  • Aveda Institute (Las Vegas): Estimated tuition and fees: $19,301
  • Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences (Las Vegas): Tuition & Fees: $17,775, Books & Supplies: $3,577
  • G Skin and Beauty Institute (Henderson): Tuition & Fees: $11,860, Books & Supplies: $475
  • Expertise Cosmetology Institute (Las Vegas): Tuition & Fees: $11,550, Books & Supplies: $780

Required skills and classes

Estheticians are expected to know what treatments, products, and techniques to use on different customers. The courses below will ensure that such demands are met.

  • Esthetic theory
  • Facials
  • Facial machines
  • Hair removal
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Makeup and eyelash application
  • Management of spas and salons

State licensing exams

A licensed esthetician is expected to get at least a 75% score in all of the exams below. Please download the written exam candidate information bulletin before taking the exams.


This portion of the exams will take approx. 90 minutes to complete.

  • Product Application and Removal
  • Cleansing Procedures
  • Steaming Procedures
  • Exfoliation Procedures
  • Massage Manipulation
  • Safety and Sanitation Requirements
  • Basic Chemistry and Anatomy
  • Facials
  • Color Theory
  • Hair Removal


This portion of the exams will take an hour to complete and is designed to assess the examinee’s ability to physically perform the following services:

  • Set up and Client Protection
  • Cleansing and Steaming the Face
  • Massaging the Face
  • Hair Removal of the Eyebrows
  • Facial Mask
  • Facial Makeup

Nevada State Law

This portion of the exams will test the knowledge of the examinee with respect to Nevada’s statutes and codes:

  • Definitions
  • State Board of Cosmetology
  • Sanitary Conditions
  • Unlawful practices
  • Cosmetologist’s Apprentice
  • License
  • Display of License
  • Change of Location
  • Renewal of License
  • Cosmetological Establishment
  • Supervision by a Licensed Person
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Exemptions
  • Prohibited Actions
  • Lease of Space
  • Conditions and Procedures
  • 1st Offense Fines

Average salary

The average salary for estheticians within the state is around $33,220 per annum or roughly $15.97 per hour.

Continuing education requirements

Zero (0) continuing education hours are required to renew the said license.

Contact information for state licensing boards

Nevada State Board of Cosmetology

Address: 8945 West Russell Road, Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148
Email: [email protected]
Call: 702-508-0015