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Esthetician Schools in Arkansas

If you are considering a career in esthetics, there are several esthetician schools located in Arkansas to choose from. Practicing as an esthetician in Arkansas requires completing an accredited cosmetology program and passing the state licensure exam. There are several schools located throughout the state that offer esthetics programs, which we have listed below.

State requirements for esthetician licensing in Arkansas

  • 600 hours of educational training which can be broken down into the following
  • Chemistry: 40 hours
  • Physiology: 35 hours
  • Bacteriology and sanitation: 35 hours
  • Introduction to skincare: 45 hours
  • Skincare: 150 hours
  • Makeup and corrective makeup: 50 hours
  • Eyebrow and lashes: 40 hours
  • Hair removal: 40 hours
  • Safety precautions: 20 hours
  • Professional and personality development: 20 hours
  • Management: 20 hours
  • Salesmanship: 15 hours
  • State laws and rules and regulations: 10 hours
  • Testing evaluation: 15 hours
  • Instructor’s discretion: 65 hours
  • License renewal every two (2) years. Please note that a $60 fee will be required for the licensing fee.

Estimated cost

The cost of education for an esthetician within the state of Arkansas will be roughly between $9,000 and $15,000 which includes tuition fees and books along with supplies.

Required skills and classes

A specialized field like an esthetician requires training that can be broadly divided into two (2) main categories, theoretical and hands-on training which are as follows:

  • Sanitation, hygiene, and sterilization
  • Client preparation and consultation
  • Cleansing, exfoliating, and facial massage
  • Hair removal, including tweezing and waxing
  • Facial masks
  • Makeup application and eyelash enhancement
  • Arkansas law and statutes

State licensing exam

Once the required educational hours have been met, applicants can proceed with licensure exams which are divided into the following

  • Written exam
  • Practical exam

Average salary

The average salary for estheticians working in the state of Arkansas is around $44,720 annually or $21.5 hourly.

Continuing education requirements

No continuing education hours are necessary to renew your license.

Contact information for state licensing boards

For further details, interested applicants can reach the Arkansas State Board of Esthetics through the following:

Email: [email protected]
Call: 501-682-2168
Fax: 501-682-5640