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Cosmetology Schools in South Carolina

In South Carolina, cosmetologists are in high demand, as the state’s booming tourism industry provides a constant stream of customers. In addition, cosmetologists in South Carolina enjoy some of the lowest cost of living expenses in the country. If you are interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology, South Carolina is an excellent place to start your journey. With its affordable tuition rates and high job demand, attending a cosmetology school in South Carolina is a smart investment. Read on to learn more about the best cosmetology schools in South Carolina and the licensing requirements to become a certified cosmetologist. Whether you’re in a major metro area like Charleston or Columbia, or a tourist haven like Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach, we can help connect you with a cosmetology school near you.

Cosmetology Schools in South Carolina

State Requirements for Cosmetology Licensing in South Carolina

To practice cosmetology in South Carolina, you must first acquire a license. The steps to gain licensure are:

  • Finish a state-recognized cosmetology program
  • Apply to take the exams with the SC Board of Cosmetology
  • Pass the NIC written and practical exams
  • Renew your license every two years and fulfill continuing education requirements

In order to sit for the licensure test in South Carolina, you must have completed a minimum of 1500 hours of training at a state-recognized cosmetology school or 1500 of training as an apprentice. Your school will help determine your eligibility, which includes that you are 16 years old and have a 10th-grade education or equivalent.

How Much Do South Carolina Cosmetology Programs Cost?

The tuition for cosmetology schools in South Carolina varies depending on the school you choose. But generally, you can expect to pay around $15,000 for a quality education. You’ll also need to purchase your own supplies and tools and pay fees to take the licensure exams.

There are many opportunities for financial aid if you are eligible. The SC Board of Cosmetology offers scholarships to students who meet certain criteria, and many schools also offer their own scholarships. You may also be able to receive federal financial aid in the form of grants and loans.

Required Skills and Classes

You’ll need to be proficient in a variety of areas. Training must include theory and practical experience in skincare, hair removal, makeup application, and client assessments. In addition, you must have strong customer service skills and build positive relationships with your clients.

The core curriculum may cover:

  • The different types of cosmetics and their ingredients
  • How to apply makeup
  • How to match colors to skin tones
  • Hair styling and haircutting
  • Contouring and highlighting techniques
  • Special effects makeup
  • Airbrushing

State Licensing Exams

Fees for both the practical and theory (written) exam are $165. For the theory alone, it’s $110, and for just the practical, it’s $100.

The cosmetology license test in South Carolina is administered by PSI exams and overseen by the SC Board of Cosmetology. The 90-minute written exam is a multiple-choice test that covers a variety of topics including client assessment, hair removal methods, makeup application techniques, and business practices.

The practical exam consists of a hands-on demonstration of your skills. You must achieve a minimum score of 75% on both the written and practical exams to pass.

How Much Do Cosmetologists Get Paid in South Carolina?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows the average yearly salary for cosmetology in South Carolina is $26,640. The average hourly wage is $12.81.

Does South Carolina Have Continuing Education Requirements for Cosmetologists?

You must renew your license every two years and complete at least 4 hours of approved continuing education (CE) credits during the renewal period.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

You can find more information on licensure and testing with the information below:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 822-3272