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Cosmetology Schools in Michigan

Michigan offers a great climate for cosmetologists with four distinct seasons. This means that there is always a demand for cosmetologists who can provide services such as hair coloring and cutting, manicures and pedicures, and makeup applications. Michigan is home to a large number of tourist attractions, which provides an opportunity for cosmetologists to work with a variety of clients. If you’ve ever thought about a career as a cosmetologist, read on to learn more about the requirements to earn a cosmetology license and look for a cosmetology school near you in our huge database of cosmetology programs in Michigan.

Cosmetology Schools in Michigan

State Requirements for Cosmetology Licensing in Michigan

There are four main steps to becoming a licensed cosmetologist  in the state of Michigan:

  • You must complete the cosmetology program at a school that is licensed by the state
  • You must pass both a written and practical exam administered by the Michigan Board of Cosmetology
  • You must submit a license application online on the board’s website
  • You must renew your license every two years

Minimum practical applications (MPAs) are required to sit for the state board exams. The number of MPAs required varies depending on how your cosmetology program was structured.

Michigan requires that you either complete a 1500-hour cosmetology program at an accredited school or work at a licensed salon as an apprentice for no less than two years. You must be at least 17 years old to apply for a license and have completed 9th grade or equivalent.

How Much Do Michigan Cosmetology Programs Cost?

It typically takes 12-15 months to complete a cosmetology program. The cost of tuition can vary widely, from $10,000 to $20,000, with an average of around $15,000. Private schools tend to be more expensive than public schools.

Additionally, supplies and books will add to training costs. Finance options and scholarships are available to help students pay the cost of tuition. Private loans also may be an option to finance your education; they are harder to obtain but may have lower interest rates and more flexibility.

Required Skills and Classes

Cosmetologists need to learn certain subjects and skills before they can begin working. Aspiring students will learn how to:

  • Conduct skin analysis
  • Prescribe facial treatments
  • Administer facials
  • Provide makeovers
  • Give massages
  • Apply makeup
  • Do hair removal
  • Style hair
  • Color hair

State Licensing Exams

Once you’ve graduated, you’ll be ready to take the state licensing exam, administered by PSI and overseen by the Michigan Board of Cosmetology. The Registration fee for both written and practical exams is $167.00. The fee for a single exam is $93.

The written portion of the exam tests your knowledge of topics you learned in beauty school. The practical part is a hands-on assessment of your ability to perform treatments and services. You have 190 minutes to complete the practical exam.

A passing score for the written exam is 70%, you’ll need a 75% or better to pass the practical exam.

How Much Do Cosmetologists Get Paid in Michigan?

The annual average wage for cosmetologists in Michigan is $29,740, and the average hourly wage is $14.30. For more information on wages, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Does Michigan Have Continuing Education Requirements for Cosmetologists?

There are no continuing education requirements to renew your license in Michigan. Licenses last for two years.

Contact Information for Licensing Board

The best way to find more information is to visit the Board of Cosmetology website or contact them directly.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (517) 241-0199